Plan of Attack

So, how exactly do I plan to attack this sizeable undertaking, you might be asking (yourself, or me, or just in general)? Well, I've created a Status Page that shows how far I am, what games I am and am not playing (spoliers, I'm skipping I-III), and as I decide, on what platforms. I'll also list general start/end dates. From there, I'm creating game-specific pages, where I'll link all the posts I make about each game together.

I plan on writing at least the following posts, per game

  • Pre-game notes on what I think I know about the game, what I've heard, and my expectations
  • Most games have multiple worlds. I'll write at least one post per world
  • A wrap up post discussing how the game compared to my expectations, impressions it made, lasting thoughts, etc. I'll also likely compare it to other games here

At some point I'll also start posts discussing the various classes/jobs, roles, mechanics, game styles, and anything else that I think is worth comparing between entries. That's the point of this, for me. Looking at how this series has evolved, different implementaions of it, and reflecting on underlying themes.

There are some entires that will deviate from this. At the very least FFV and FFXIV. FFV because of the anual Four Job Fiesta, which I'll go into on the FFV page. FFXIV because its an MMO that I'm actively playing, and its also still growing.