FFV: World 1

FFV World one. Finding crystals, getting new jobs, following Cid and Mid around, and eventually figuring out some of whats going on.

I blitzed through World 1 in about 12 hours. That's more than my typical goal/benchmark (yes, I've played this game enough to have progress benchmarks), but I attribute that primarily to the lack of autobattle that comes from playing this on actual hardware.

As usual, I did some ginding outside Karnak, killing wolves for cash (why are these wolves so rich, anyway?) and buying the best kit I could. With Blue Mage, I got some pretty serious hax for skills, trivializing a lot of otherwise hard fights. This is exactly the kind of fun thing the Fiesta is about. Solving all the problems in this game with a smaller than usual toolkit.

The other grinding I did here was for a pair (yes, pair) of Death Sickles. These are, as the name implies, sickles that can cast death. Giving the pair of them to a Bezerker that's already learned !Dual Wield from a Ninja makes that person a death machine. Anything that can be killed by the Death spell has a pretty good chance of getting it here. I think that grind took most of an hour to get two of them to drop, but its absolutely been worth it.

There are several Blue spells I cannot get here, because you usually need to either control or confuse opponenets to do that, and none of my jobs offer me any tools for that. Just means I'll have to do it later.

The one thing this party lacks is good healing. !Vampire does OK, but after getting the skills sorted around as desired, folks don't all have access to it. Guess I grind for Gil (and, hey, I've got a Samurai, so I can also pay to win!) and buy stacks of potions!

With the all four crystals destroyed (oops, sorry?!), the flying cannon city thing defeated, and all the adamantite found, it must be time for World 2!