FFVI Pre-Game

This is the first game I'll be doing for FFE in the way I'd like to do them going forward. As with everything else, I expect this to evolve as I go, depending on what I have to say going into a game. But here goes.

What I know / have heard about this games

When I shared my plan for this experience with my friends, I was regularly told that this game was the point at which Final Fantasy really finds its feet as a series. This game supposedly bridges the gap between "Classic Final Fantasy" (of which, V seems to be the "best") and a more modern approach. I am really looking forward to this


I don't really know what to expect from this game. So far, my experiences with Final Fantasy games have been either in the "Classic" era games or much more modern. But given that people have told me that this game is a standout in a series that's a standout, I really look forward to it.


I'll be playing the GBA version of this game on my physical GBA SP


When I get to the point(s) of wanting / needing a walkthrough I'll be using the old faithful Caves of Narshe which is, incidentally, actually named after this game.


  • Originally released in 1994 (as Final Fantasy III in North America) for the SNES/SFC
  • Playstation in 1999
  • GameBoy Advanced in 2007 (NA)
  • Mobile (iOS/Android) in 2013
  • PC in 2015 (which is a port of the Android port)


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