So, I did it. I saved the crystals, defeated the fiends, traveled through time, and vanquished Chaos.

I'm glad I've played it. I'm glad it was an "enhanced" version, because from what I've heard tell, the NES version is ... considerably rougher than this. I wouldn't have done so if it weren't for the FF1 Fall Class Challenge, so I'm thankful for that as well.


Its nice to see the roots of what has become some of the best game music I've ever experinced. That being said, the soundtrack is a bit thin and repetitive.


Hahahahahahaha. * Crystals * Warriors of Light * Airship * Weird-Ass ending


The classes I played all seemed to work out decently enough. For boss battles, my plan was simple. Knight + Ninja use sword on boss. White Mage heals/buffs. Red Mage buffs sword users, if all buffs applied, buff self, also use sword on boss.

This strat worked on all of the fiends (both times), and on Chaos himself. The Chaos fight was ... longer, but otherwise not too bad. But, being at level 60 probably didn't hurt that.


The pacing here felt very bursty. I think it would have been more even if I'd not been using a guide and doing a crit path of the game. But I got to a point where random battles were jhust annoying, and it was faster to kill the mob(s) than to run

I don't know that I have a lot of thoughts about it otherwise. It was an ejoyable game, but I doubt I'll ever play it again unless another of these challenges comes up. Since I don't have a lot to say, here's one more image. The save after beating Chaos.


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