FFI Pre-Game

What I know / have heard about this games

This is the OG, and as I explained on this games page, I'd initially planned on skipping this game, because while its the pregenator of the series, its also been surpassed by subsequent games. I didn't feel like I'd get very much out of playing it. And truthly, I'm still not sure I will. But "Play Final Fantasy with a cool community and donate to charity" is pretty solidly my jam, so here we go anyway.

I've been lead to believe that the version I'm playing (GBA) is significantly different than the NES version, in what I take to be all positive ways.


I expect this to be a reflection of older games, but I also expect to see the first hints of what Final Fantasy has become.


I'm playing the GBA "Dawn Of Souls" collection which includes FFI and FFII.


Caves Of Narshe, as always


  • 1987 – Nintendo Entertainment System
  • 1989 – MSX
  • 2000 – WonderSwan Color
  • 2002 – PlayStation
  • 2004 – Game Boy Advanced
  • 2004 – Mobile phones
  • 2007 – PlayStation Portable (Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition)
  • 2010 – iOS
  • 2012 – Windows Phone
  • 2012 - Android


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