FFV: World 2

FFV World two. Apparently that crazy old guy was a king, and its our turn to have no idea what's going on (again).

So, we got captured as soon as we got here, Galuf rescues us, we meet Gilgamesh.

I have to say, Battle on the big bridge has to be my favorite track from this game. And, I love the whole soundtrack enough that I went out of my way to buy it.

The other thing of note here is that really liked including Enkidu with Gilgamesh (the two are a pair from ancient Mesopotamian mythology) in the third fight. Somehow, I managed to bypass fighting him this time. I think with Death Claw (I love Blue magic, its such hax).

More grinding in Castle Bal (Basement 2). Statues that you throw gold needles at. Its a decent grind for all categories (XP/ABP/Gil), but its a really simple place, and where I often max out jobs. On systems with auto battle, this is really tirvial. Less so on the GBA, but still not too bad. I managed to get Dual Weild on three of my four characters (this is the skill that carries over when you max Ninja). So I can have a Bezerker with two Death Sickles, a Ninja with two air knives, and a Samurai also with two air knives (for now).

I've never played such a melee based party. But, again, that's the point of the Fiesta. Do odd things you usually would not. I still don't have healing though.

Maybe, if I hadn't been an idiot and sold my Dancing Dagger, I'd be better off (one of the random things it can do is confuse, so you can trick things into teaching you spells). But I did, so I'm not. Guess I have to wait till I can get wonder rod and super cheese my way through.

Apparently Bartz (or, Butz in other translations. That name seems more fitting) is totally Ok with being a dick to helpless turtles. And not-so-helpless turtles seem OK not wrecking his face for it.

Bartz's dad is from this world! Shock! And knew Galuf! Double shock! And was a warrior of light. Will the shocks never cease? Yes, they will, because all the old Warriors of Light are dead. We know all the things. Maybe.

Time to fight Exdeath in his palace. Except the he runs away. Onto WORLD THREE


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