FFV: World 3 and The Void

Ok, the shit is hitting the fan. We're back home (kinda). Our world and Galuf's world have (re)merged. After a mit more on rails, we can start making some choices, and gathering all the tools we want for the big showdown in the sky Void.

Here are the !Blue spells I ended up using in the tail end of the game

Aqua Breath
Dark Spark
Death Claw
Flame Thrower
Level 5 Death
Mighty Guard
Moon Flute
White Wind

A few of these I had to do some work to get. Specifically Mighty Guard and White Wind. And, because I sold my dancing dagger (like an idiot), I got to do the Wonder Wand dance to get the. For anyone not familiar, the Wonder Wand casts a large number of spells, one at a time, in a given order. Confuse (the thing I needed) is one of them. But, to get it a second time you have to loop the whole way around. Luckily, when used as an item (like breaking a rod) it casts Return and restarts the fight. So, if you set everything up, and then it doesn't work, you can try again without looping.

I had to setup, find a Stingray and execute to get Mighty Guard and then a White Flame to get White Wind. Each of those took multiple attempts, and the Stingray even took exploiting a RNG bug to get the encouter to spawn (otherwise its a 1/32 chace, and that's a lot of grinding). Ashgar (who is also the reason I do the FJF yearly in the first place) clued me into a bug when playing FFV:A on actual hardware that causes the Stingray to be the second encounter after loading a save state. This saved me so much time.

My skill/weapon layout for finishing the game

Character Job Skill Weapon(s)
Bartz Samurai Dual-Wield Masamune and Kikuichimonji
Lena Ninja Blue Sasuke and Air Knife/Chicken Knife
Krile Blue Mage Shairdori Magus Rod
Faris Berserker Dual-Wield Thor's Hammer and Assassin Knife

The final fight with Neo was intersting. Most of the fight, I was able to keep Mighty Guard up on the whole party, significantly reducing the impact of "his" attacks. But the end of the fight was real skin on teeth. I won with just Faris up, and with only 750 (of 2100) hp left. If my last set of hits hadn't been a death blow, I'd have had to re-run the whole Void and final fights. I would have been very upset. Some of that might have been my fault, because I didn't do enough digging into which heads to attack in which order. I might have had more luck if I had done that.

All in all, another successful FJF year.

See my next post for general thouhts on the game, the Fiesta, playing on an actual GBA SP, and any other wrap up thoughts.


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